TruckWhat’s 20’ long, 8’ high and can cook just about anything you want anywhere you want? It’s our new, custom-built food truck that debuted at the Private Label Manufacturing Association (PLMA) Show in November 2014 in Chicago, IL.

The one-of-a-kind food truck was customized from a Freightliner Truck chassis by SugarCreek employees and displays our new logo on both sides and the back door which opens vertically to feature a gas grill an 80" flat-screen TV.

Features include:

  • A 55” stainless steel gas grill with a 6,000 cfm exhaust system for grilling on the trade show floor.
  • Hydraulic lift, passenger-side doors that open to reveal a large wok, smoker, three-burner stove top and deep fryer to enable a wide variety of food presentations.
  • Hydraulic lift, driver-side doors that open to reveal a drink center with hot and cold running water, built-in coolers and storage areas for folding tables and chairs.
  • An 80” flat screen TV mounted above the grill with surround-sound stereo, satellite link and Blu-ray capabilities for a variety of onsite presentations including cooking demos of SugarCreek’s forthcoming Sous Vide line of products.

In addition to showcasing it at food industry trade shows, we plan to use our new food truck for community events such as tailgating at football games and gatherings we sponsor in areas where our manufacturing facilities are located - Ohio, Kansas and Indiana.

“The versatility of our new food truck allows us to put our company’s best foot forward by taking our delicious line of products directly to our customers and community partners,” says SugarCreek COO Michael Richardson. “Its versatility also enables us to showcase our innovative product development capabilities. At the PLMA show, for example, our Corporate Chef was working directly with a sauce manufacturer on the trade show floor to illustrate what is possible when its product is combined with our ready-to-eat pork carnitas.”