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Authentic. Culinary. Expertise.

Today’s consumers have less time to cook, more discerning tastes and higher expectations about nutrition than ever before. At SugarCreek, we’re committed to bringing innovation to the table in an authentic manner to deliver real value. Regardless of the challenge, our world-class Culinary and R&D teams lead in solving our clients' challenges to deliver authentic, actionable solutions.

Brands that choose SugarCreek are seeking expertise, leveraging the knowledge, experience, skills and thought-leadership we bring as a strategic partner. By working hand-in-hand with our customers, we can create and produce chef-quality, table-ready meals through very cost effective processes for both Retail and Food Service. These “Brandworthy Food Solutions” help our customers distinguish themselves in the grocery store and at the family table.

Because we don't have our own brand, SugarCreek conducts itself from the perspective of food product marketers and innovators charged with creating outstanding customer experiences in today’s fast-paced, ever changing culinary landscape. 

We are proud to consider Your Brand, Our Brand.

SugarCreek Corporate Video from SugarCreek on Vimeo.