Culinary_Innovation.jpgWhen it comes to culinary innovation, SugarCreek is at the top of its game. Not only is SugarCreek home to the largest sous vide line in the nation, but in the near future, we plan to open a test kitchen in Fairfield, Ohio which will be home to a state-of-the art Culinary Innovation Center that features two test kitchens and a USDA-certified research and development lab. The new, 6,600 sq. ft. kitchen area will asist our Chefs, R&D and Product Development teams in creating food products that are more scalable to a manufacturing environment. 

Becuase we don't have our own brand, SugarCreek conducts itself from the perspective of food product marketers and innovators charged with creating outstanding customer experiences in today’s fast-paced, ever changing culinary landscape. 

We are proud to consider Your Brand, Our Brand.

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