The 2015 opening of SugarCreek’s 418,000 sq.-ft. facility in Cambridge City, Indiana (CCI), was a game-changer for the company.

Beyond offering one of the nation’s first commercial-scale Sous Vide operations, a host of additional capabilities, including three distinct high-volume cooking halls, allows SugarCreek to offer a variety of new, fully-cooked food solutions and compete in categories it has not previously participated in.

We have the capability to cook all proteins, from poultry and pork to seafood and beef, in a variety of ways. Because of MPO, Impingement and Infrared ovens, we are more deeply involved in meatballs and flat surface proteins products as well. In 2016, CCI installed an additional infrabaker line and now has the distinction of being the only facility in the nation to house two lines.

With new, exciting fully-cooked capabilities, coupled with a facility nearly four times larger than any existing SugarCreek facility, CCI makes it possible for us to more easily co-develop solutions for our partners and introduce innovative products with great consistency.

Check out this two-minute video of our new Indiana facility coming to life!