Technology infrastructure with blue wires


SugarCreek is leading the way in IOT enabled networks for manufacturing working with key partners such as Cisco, Netapp and VMWare. The focus is on improved collaboration, security, creating a safe work environment and making data accessible to the business and our customers to drive success.

The Cambridge City, Indiana facility (CCI) was approached as a greenfield technology opportunity where SugarCreek focused on applying the latest tools with real benefit to the business in an integrated fashion. Phase one of the project has been completed putting in place a secure converged network infrastructure.

The next phases will include Real Time Location Services (RTLS), enabling tracking of personnel within the facility for safety, job design and cost tracking. Implementation of Analytic Cameras for process improvements and enhanced safety mechanisms will also be included.

In 2016 we updated our data center infrastructure to embrace Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) technology for enhanced data security and network automation.


All SugarCreek facilities have controlled access with systems and identification protocols that prevent intrusions and document employee and visitors on our properties.  We have round-the-clock video recording systems.  The facility CCTV systems are only part of the proactive measures used to deter and identify issues at our facilities.  Our systems are evolving and capable of locating and documenting personnel activities throughout our campuses.  Within our video systems we have a subsystem of analytics cameras that are monitored and record activities for food defense and food safety documentation.  Those analytics cameras are being enhanced by state-of-the-art processes and software systems capable of observing variances in quality and production standards.  We are continually implementing best practices that proactively mitigate all conditional (equipment line configurations, materials, and environment) and behavioral (thinking, acting, choosing and deciding) risks related to worker and food safety.