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Sous Vide has been a staple of European cooking for decades. But until now, North American use of the technique has largely been limited to high-end, small-batch cooking.

SugarCreek intends to change all of that. In 2015, we opened our 418,000 sq.-ft. facility in Cambridge City, Indiana (CCI). The plant houses several state-of-the-art cooking technologies, but the centerpiece of the facility is its large-scale sous vide operation.

In sous vide (pronounced “sue VEED”), the food is prepped, vacuum-packed and then cooked slowly and precisely in a circulated water bath. When the food reaches its optimal internal temperature and desired texture, it is quick-chilled and then refrigerated or frozen until it is ready to be served, either in a restaurant or in a consumer’s home.

It is our belief that sous vide preparation will revolutionize the quality of RTE foods. It brings together a broad spectrum of efficiencies including better yields, less waste, consistency and food safety to produce a product that is unrivaled beyond the kitchens of the finest chefs.


Quality & Consistency: 
  • Hot water, precision cook within 1/10°
  • Integrity of cell structure is maintained
  • Slow cook allows for retained moisture
  • Even cook edge to edge unlike traditional methods
  • Enhanced flavor and aroma
  • Increased tenderness, texture
  • Improved color and visual character
Operational Benefits: 
  • Neutral proteins ready for culinary finish
  • Cooks when chefs not available
  • Ease of banquet/catering execution
  • Simple management of fluctuating traffic periods
  • Focus on FOH vs BOH; Speed of order to table
Economic Benefits: 
  • Better yields (average sous vide shrink 5% vs. traditional cook methods at 30%)
  • Less waste; Conserves energy
  • Inexpensive cuts made tender
  • Concentrated seasonings reduce costs
  • Maximize your culinary resources; Focus on end product
Food Safety Benefits: 
  • Kill step achieved prior to customer receipt
  • Eliminate raw protein cross contamination
Health Benefits: 
  • Maintains high nutritional content
  • No additives or preservatives required
  • Leaner products

Check out renowned Chef Brian Voltaggio talk about sous vide and its benefits! 


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