Our Culinary Team

While our roots are in bacon, over the past 5 years we have made significant investments in the culinary side of our business. Our culinary team now includes 6 chefs as well as 10 R&D team members who work with the culinary team to take products from the test kitchen to the production floor.                                                                                                                             

Chef Richard Colladonato                                                                                           Director of Culinary Sales

  • Chef Richard joined SugarCreek in January 2019
  • He graduated from The Culinary Institute of America majoring in Culinary Arts
  • "My favorite dish to make is homemade pizza with my kids. Throwing flour and watching them enjoy
    my passion is great"
  • "The best meals for me have been at a picnic
    table, in the kitchen with the kitchen staff after a busy night, with a group of Hurricane victims and at those soup kitchens where people really need you. Chefs have been given a talent that can change
    the day for others and that what’s make me happy”

Chef Jeff Cowles                                                                                                          Director of Culinary Sales

  • Chef Jeff Cowles has been with SugarCreek since 2015
  • Jeff is a research/technical chef working in sales and innovation with large chains. Jeff is based out of St. Simons Island, Georgia



Chef Gavin Estes                                                                                                       Director of Culinary Sales
  • imageedit_6_8278559599Gavin Estes, based in Louisville Colorado, has been with SugarCreek since October of 2017
  • He, along with many of our other chefs, focus on Sous Vide cooking and how SugarCreek can incorporate more of that style of cooking into our production
  • "My favorite part of being a chef is how the chef community is a true brotherhood. Most chefs are willing to help and teach what they know."
  • "One pot cooking has always been one of my favorite methods. Layering flavors while maintaining
    ingredient doneness and viscosity is challenging
    and fun."

Chef Martin O'Brien                                                         
 Director of Culinary Development
  • imageedit_12_8419668857Chef Martin O'Brien has been with SugarCreek since the beginning of 2019, working out of our Cambridge City Plant
  • “As a chef, I like there being silence at the dinner table, meaning that everyone is eating. There is no better compliment than nothing because their mouths are full.”
  • "I love the intellect that I get to work with. The people in the product development team are
    some of the most intelligent people to come
    across. I like that it is a family-oriented company
    as well."
Chef Zach Shepard                                                         
 Director of Culinary Development
Chef Zach (2)
  • Chef Zach Shepard has been with SugarCreek
    since 2016
  • He attended Miami University for a business
    degree before focusing his attention on his
    culinary career. He attended and graduated
    from the Midwest Culinary Institute in 2006
  • SugarCreek's innovative Batter in Bag
    technology was created by the help Chef
    Zach and other creative team members,
    something that is changing the way proteins
    are handled and cooked
  • His golden rule in the kitchen is Misen Place,
    which is French for everything in its place. "90%
    of cooking is prep, so if a restaurant is not prepared,
    they won’t succeed"

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