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Sous vide has many advantages, from lower cooking temperatures and energy consumption to far more precise treatment of proteins. Tenderness and yield are optimized, flavor and aroma are vastly improved and nutritional value is maintained at a much higher level while achieving the highest level of food safety. Sous vide also offers a greatly extended shelf-life for products that are, essentially, chef-cooked.

It is our belief that sous vide preparation will revolutionize the quality of RTE foods. It brings together a broad spectrum of efficiencies including better yields, less waste, consistency and food safety to produce a product that is unrivaled beyond the kitchens of the finest chefs.

Quality & Consistency: 
  • Hot water, precision cook within 1/10°
  • Integrity of cell structure is maintained
  • Slow cook allows for retained moisture
  • Even cook edge to edge unlike traditional methods
  • Enhanced flavor and aroma
  • Increased tenderness, texture
  • Improved color and visual character
Operational Benefits: 
  • Neutral proteins ready for culinary finish
  • Cooks when chefs not available
  • Ease of banquet/catering execution
  • Simple management of fluctuating traffic periods
  • Focus on FOH vs BOH; Speed of order to table
Economic Benefits: 
  • Better yields (average sous vide shrink 5% vs. traditional cook methods at 30%)
  • Less waste; Conserves energy
  • Inexpensive cuts made tender
  • Concentrated seasonings reduce costs
  • Maximize your culinary resources; Focus on end product
Food Safety Benefits: 
  • Kill step achieved prior to customer receipt
  • Eliminate raw protein cross contamination
Health Benefits: 
  • Maintains high nutritional content
  • No additives or preservatives required
  • Leaner products

Check out renowned Chef Brian Voltaggio talk about sous vide and its benefits! 


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