SugarCreek has been a raw bacon manufacturer since 1966.

As word quickly spread about the quality and reliability of our bacon, we were inundated with customers inquiring about other products: fully-cooked bacon, turkey bacon and chicken bacon.

Over the last 50 years, our capabilities and expertise have expanded to include other facilities and products, and our product portfolio has grown to include a wide variety of proteins including bacon bits, bacon jerky, poultry, beef, seafood and dozens of other options.


Distinguishing yourself on the retail shelf is difficult these days. SugarCreek is here to help your brand stand out and help you meet consumer demands.






One of the top trends of 2016 is convenience. Our wide variety of fully-cooked protiens can help your brand expand and gain more shelf space at retail.






Sous Vide has been a staple of European cooking for decades. But until now, North American use of the technique has largely been limited to high-end, small-batch cooking. SugarCreek's large-scale sous vide capabilities will revolutionize retail shelves.LEARN MORE


Solving Restaurant Challenges with Food Tech: How Sous Vide Proteins Can Help You Tame Kitchen Chaos

Executive Whitepaper

The Great Recession of 2008 left its mark on the restaurant industry. Restaurants struggled to survive as Americans began to eat out less, and experienced workers retired or moved on to other industries. With the economy on the rebound, consumers are dining out more frequently. The problem? Most of your kitchen staff is unskilled and new to the industry. That’s a recipe for disaster in the fast pace of a restaurant kitchen.